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 Bona - Spakol

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PostSubject: Bona - Spakol   Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:47 pm

Met this girl online when she sent a friend request, found out she works at a certain spa and did some research on it, her psuedonym is Honey. Got her number, did some texting, asked her to be my girlfriend, surprisingly she agreed, the wonders of being straight forward and having nothing to lose, no emotional baggage just straight up I wanna fuck you.

Did a surprise visit in her spakol place, she didn't know it was me, usual massage, made my hand touch her leg to let me know what she was up to, didn't take much or any negotiating, after the usual, she did the "hugot" thing and started jacking my dick off while I was face down. She made me turn around, some torrid kissing, took her top off, licked and sucked on her boobs, more torrid kissing while she was jacking me off, and of course a lot of eye contact. Finally after some time I blew my load, boy was it a lot. More kissing and hugging and then I got her other number.

I don't know, maybe I'll fuck her one day, still working on this other girl a milf that I also met online, might fuck the milf first. Man am I fucker, should've known about this stuff ages ago.
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Bona - Spakol
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