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 Jill - spakol

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PostSubject: Jill - spakol   Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:42 pm

Went to this spakol place near Pioneer, chose Jill from the forum names because I didn't know any better. The girl was a looker, she says she's 24 but she looks 18. I kinda thought she was a newbie but she said she's been there for two years, two years of jacking off all sorts of dicks.

Since I didn't know any better got talked into taking the body to body, HJ, and BJ combination, wasn't worth it, at that price I could've fucked a psp on the cheap. But well, one's got to get the experience right? Don't really care having her boobs all over me plus the BJ wasn't that much.

Anyway, massage was ok, straight to the ES, BJ, maybe for about a minute, then dry boob rubbing, then HJ. If the BJ and boob thing was only that long I should've gotten just the HJ thing, too bad, charge it to experience. Anyway, HJ, touched her legs and boobs, tried to turn her on with some nipple rubbing, the girl sure smelled good though, I love girls who smell good, especially pretty ones. So far for pretty girls I have 1-2, out of the 3, 2 were pretty bad at it, but the one (secret stash) was pretty good at everything. Ok, hand job, could only squeeze her can't kiss her can't lick her boobs, but her smell and pretty face all made up for it. Of course I was adding numbers in my head so it would last long, everytime I thought about wanting to fuck her bad it made me close to cumming.

As usual, she was getting tired, after several HJs, then she BJ'd me for a while again, and then she had an idea, sit on me with her butt to my face (more of squatting on my chest) while she wanked my dick, and all the while I was squeezing her soft boobs with my hands, love that position totally turned me on. Thus, I probably ejaculated all over the place, she commented something about getting it in her leg and wanting to clean up immediately.

Nice face, maybe I'd like to fuck her one day, but she said she just broke up with her boyfriend, probably will come back and get another thera. But she was pretty and she smelled good though.

Dang, I'm probably gonna have several spakol FRs here, I'm gonna try them all. Ejaculation and less hassle for the cheap and no guilt feelings. Seems a lot more convenient for me.
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Jill - spakol
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