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 akira spakol atw

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PostSubject: akira spakol atw   Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:29 pm

Went to suenos again, hoping for some pretty random pic, cliche name comes up akira. Not really my type had this shy skwaks vibe about her. Massage was so so, I kinda miss the massage the legs and then hit the balls kind of thing. ES time, choices, based from my last experience, well the experience before that the bj thing was pretty good. However this stupid maid put some alcohol on my dick before proceeding to suck it, yeah as if the would clean it. Was having trouble sucking it so she said she'll offer me a discount for the atw. Ok, she got her cd and then rode me with her moaning in my ear. After a while as I could smell the stink of her pussy my dick went limp. Tried to do it on top of her but I could still smell it, man, why don't you put some of that lactacyd on your stinky pussy? After that I just settled for a hand job although I still paid her the atw fee. Need to do more research next and stop doing the "sino recommended mo" shit thing.
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akira spakol atw
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