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 Missy Spakol

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PostSubject: Missy Spakol   Sun May 17, 2015 7:51 am

Could hardly find any parking in this place, plus it had a non descript door and the lady could not say if the room as B or D. Anyway, got Missy, not so nice looking so I just thought that maybe this could be an atsay fantasy. Was feeling really tired so it was an excellent massage to be fair. Then the usual facing down and then grabe your dick and jack it off technique. Finally got down to talking about the es, but I like the way she was slowly seducing me with her gently touch and voice, Agreed on a BJ, somehow I really thought this was the typical 5 second BJ and then jack you off madaya thing. But it wasn't, holy shit she sucked my dick like crazy, fucking bitch was an expert. The usual kiss your balls and groin area until it reached the suck you dick like crazy. She offered me sex although it was pretty much out of my budget, but the sucking was excellent. Her big boobs were excellent too, loved holding them and how they felt as she put it on my dick. She tried jacking me off but my thing wanted her expert BJ though, so of she went again, holy shit, after some time I blew my load in her mouth, well the initial load that is, because I didn't tell her, so the next squirts were already from her jacking me off. Excellent. I wanna try the other girls if they're as good as this.
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Missy Spakol
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