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 Aiyka Yuri

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PostSubject: Aiyka Yuri   Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:48 pm

Wow. This is the type of slut that I want, the ones you typically see in clubs.

She had big boobs and a big butt, she was really horny so right after I took a shower she already knelt down and sucked my dick. VC bu the way. Thus we had no time for small talk and we kissed like lovers on the bed, lots of tongue action. She gave a very BJ as well, I almost came in fact, I had to stop myself and pull her off I was in total heaven. After that it was her turn, boobs, and then when I went down on her, she was totally clean and her pussy was also so clean you could hardly see her pussy lips. For a moment there, I thought I was gonna fuck an operated fag, really, but as turns out she's a real woman.

I went ahead to put the condom on and then she got it, looked me in the eye and then threw it away. Boom, nice passionate, bareback sex. Real sex. She kept on saying "ma miss ko to shet" while I kept pumping her. Finally, boom, missionary creampie. Came too fast. She went to finish herself off in the shower.

Storytelling, and then round two. My first scandal. She wanted to record all that shit. She filmed me pumping her missionary. I love her. Boom, creampie again on this sweet angel.

So I am not very worried if I have gonorrhea or HIV. I hate this creampie morning after regret shit with these fucking sweet whores, I just love their pussies.

I don't know if I should get her again, we'll end up doing bareback and then shit, I'll be all worried I get something again.
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Aiyka Yuri
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