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 spakols and stuff

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PostSubject: spakols and stuff   Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:31 am

In my long absence, let me try to recall some:

1. In MBP, with this Cebuana girl, hard HJ, I think it was after this that I started to have problems with my dick
2. In Makati right before the class party. Fuck place in an old building, skinny girl who I think liked me. Let me bareback her missionary, sarap, dangerously sarap.
3. Dream girl in this spakol beside Eastwood, nice eyes and face, serious girlfriend type if I had the chance. BJ in the bathroom and then HJ in the room.
4. In BGC, short lived spakol. HJ.
5. In Bayani road. Twice I think. HJs
6. Las Pinas, Kyoto style massage. MILF, HJ.
7. Makati, Kyoto style massage. HJ
8. Stars and stripes. Fat girl. VIP room HJ. Boobsy BJ. Popular girl that was impressed by my back. All HJs. So that's at least plus 4.
9. Near Makati cinema. Angry walang gana girl HJ.
10. Several times in Jupiter Roadstar. 3? Some probably have FRs.

Dang, I hope I remember all of them. I think I've crossed the 30 threshold already in terms of girls fucked, I think I need more hehe.

Barebacked girls with creampie, icky tomboy like girl, fat tattoo girl, office receptionist.

Barebacked, slutty girl with bad breath, spa skinny girl before party, stealth with secret stash, angel locsin lookalike.

Beautiful ultimate girl, bareback with creampie at least once a week.

Some of the FRs and spas above happened even during ultimate girl. I think I just missed it, all the excitement. Happened maybe 3 times.

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PostSubject: Re: spakols and stuff   Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:30 pm

One in Mandaluyong before my birthday before, the oil type massage, enjoyed that girl she was pretty. I had several here, maybe at least three times.

Latest one was in front of the office in Ortigas. HJ, morena long legs. Dang I love women, HJ or fuck, I just love it when they touch me.
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spakols and stuff
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