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 Sophie - Spakol

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PostSubject: Sophie - Spakol   Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:57 am

Didn't know who I was getting, then she went in and it instantly gave me a hard on. Usual chit chat and massage, and then she said the massage was through already. Since the b2b thing was not worth it at all at any circumstance even with the 5 second bj, I settled for the run of the mill HJ. She was pretty good, didn't rush the strokes and my dick was firmly in her hand with slow jerking motions. Took off her bra and boy did she have a body that I liked, just the right amount of curves in the right places. Sucked and licked her boobs, although I noticed she did have a suck mark probably from a previous client. Since I was finding her beautiful at that time mid way through I asked her if she did all the way and it was yes, but it was expensive and it had to be there. If I was gonna spend that much I'd rather spend it on a psp who can fuck the lights out off. Anyway I just came from car show and was imagining that she was a car show model with a great body who was jacking me off. Boom, off comes the stuff, got her number and then the usual goodbyes. This was in Manila by the way so it was pretty hidden and not in the usual places, maybe I should try more places aside from those that are near.
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Sophie - Spakol
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