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 Mich - Spakol

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PostSubject: Mich - Spakol   Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:36 pm

What the fuck is this weekly sex trip? Anyway, along my mission to explore all the spakols in this place, went to this dreamscape thing. Place was pretty good in terms of the room, but no shower and all so the thera just ask me to take off all my clothes. The massage was pretty good though, she knew what she was doing. Was stupidly upsold again, so it was b2b and a bj. The b2b was good since there was oil, then boob sucking, turned her on quite a bit, and then did some fingering on her. Bitch was wet, more kissing ang boob sucking, then she proceeded to suck my duck. Pretty good, not mechanical, then some boob sucking again and actual fingering. Was getting pretty turned on so I asked her if I could fuck her. Told me she couldn't do it there but we could do it outside. Then while we were kissing she was giving me the hand job, was getting turned on by the fact that I was gonna get to fuck her outside if chose to in the future, and then boom, a ton of sperm again.

Pretty good, but she wasn't my type though in terms of face value, I don't know if I'll make the effort to fuck her but I got her number though. Sometimes you gotta make those fucks count. Anyway, these HJs and stuff don't really count as fucks but I'm putting them in my experience list.
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Mich - Spakol
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