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 Katy - After a long time

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PostSubject: Katy - After a long time   Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:25 pm

Been eyeing this girl named Katy for a long time now. Big boobed kinda on the chubby side, fits part of my fat maid fantasies. Anyway, looks pretty decent. She sucked my dick while looking at me, not too much talking here but she wanted to get it on already. After some sucking I sucked her breasts, then did a daty on her. Daty was pretty easy as she had these fat pussy lips. Lick lick lick. Then she proceeded with the wot, then doggy, then missionary. As usual I didn't cum fast so I was still pumping away. Did a little break then did missionary again till I came. Some small talk, then it was back to the game. Same sequence actually, then we did doggy in front of the mirror, I think she came twice, I just kept on pumping away and was thinking that this was the life, and then I came for the second time. Pretty good, the size was just right as I was fantasizing about slightly chubby girls lately.
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Katy - After a long time
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