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 Hannah - MP ES HJ

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PostSubject: Hannah - MP ES HJ   Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:08 pm

First time to go to a massage parlor, was more excited than to go fuck one of my regulars, was thinking of my budget actually, wouldn't want to spend on a motel and then on the usual fucking.

Anyway, Hannah gave a good massage, was stupid enough to wear the robe huhubaran rin naman. After a good massage she asked if I wanted ES, being a first timer, I just said yes. Made me lie face down again, and then she held and stroked my dick from under making my butt go up to give some space to stroke it. Man my dick was hard. After that she made me lie face up, my dick was really hard at this point and she proceeded to stroke my dick. She had long hair and a nice body, couldn't help but touch her ass, boobs, pussy, hair, just touching her as she stroked my dick. I was really concentrating as to not to come so fast but she was doing a good job. After a while of stroking and admiring and touching her beauty, I exploded like a volcano, it was a fucking mess but she cleaned it up.

Nice clean hand job experience, may come back for more of this type of good clean fun and not have to worry about the consequences.
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Hannah - MP ES HJ
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