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 Ryza - Maputi

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PostSubject: Ryza - Maputi   Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:40 pm

After I don't know, two months? Well, I'm here again. Maputi girl, nice body, nice face, kinda reminds of secret stash, but personality wise we didn't really hit it off. But she was an expert in what she's doing. No bareback blowjobs here, nice perky boobs, sexy body, no kissing as well.

Anyway, pumped her up with all the mirrors, made the right choice of motmots, missionary, and then she likes closing her legs while you pump her from the top. After a while I went down on her pussy while fingering her, she totally came as she gave out these pussy farts and her abdominal area spasmed involuntarily. Fucked her while lying sideways as I viewed her from different angles, loved that body. And for the second one she gave me a hand job.

It was great and I'll probably be saving up for number twenty. Here I come baby.
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Ryza - Maputi
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