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 Anne - Jologs fetish

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PostSubject: Anne - Jologs fetish   Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:26 pm

Wasn't really in the mood but had to get this one before she left. Typical girl with brownish hair as a result of bleaching or peroxide. Nicely shaped body, but I noticed something with these petite girls, if you touch them it feels like they have a lot of loose skin, could it be the effects of getting thin fast? I was pretty much attracted to this girl from her pictures, she looked the same as in person. However, personality wise we didn't have much of spark. Oh well, but anyway, bj, then girl on top, nice body going up and down my dick. You know, it feels like you scored on this jolog girl you met in some cheap place or party somewhere and you went out to fuck, but she was too nice for that fantasy so I just imagined it while we were fucking. After she got tired it was me on top, it nice looking at her body while I went inside her and seeing I was fucking this jologs girl. Anyway, tried to get a handjob for a second pop but she was stroking it too fast, unlike that other girl who stroked it slowly or just normally and then just sped up while you were coming. Ho-hum, ok, ne-xt!
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Anne - Jologs fetish
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