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 Lyka - pure attraction

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PostSubject: Lyka - pure attraction   Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:51 pm

Wow, first time she went in I was really attracted to her aura, really had sex appeal I already had a hard on while talking. One of the few babes that uses perfume to make her smell really good, the other one was secret stash. Anyway, I think we had a mutual attraction for each other so we kissed a long time. After that I started fucking her, she had a tight pussy. Missionary while kissing, then girl on top, dog style. She came probably thrice, I just kept on banging her because she felt really good. Her legs were wide apart as her toes cringed while my dick went inside her. Really great. We even had an intermission when two of her friends came in. Then after that it was more fucking and cumming for until I finally had a heartfelt orgasm on her. What a trip. In hindsight I should've let the two girls watch. Anyway, I plan to get the two girls then Lyka again. But I wanna up the score first on the number of women I've fucked.
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PostSubject: Re: Lyka - pure attraction   Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:26 pm

I fucked Lyka again after what? 6 years? Just needed to get in the game again.

VC. Her body has already changed as she has a kid already, but anyway, it seems she was still attracted to me and I looked familiar but she could remember me. Torrid kissing again, nipple licking, then she told me she couldn't take anymore she wanted me to fuck her. Missionary, dog style, sideways, WOT, she was such a great fuck because we liked each other. I was also kissing her while fucking her due to our mutual attraction, she also did a great BJ, expert as I may say. Then I had to put her sideways which is my favorite position, and then boom.

She texted me that she really enjoyed it and even offered to be my FUBU, but of course in then end she said she'll just give me a discount.
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Lyka - pure attraction
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