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 Akirah the pokpok

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PostSubject: Akirah the pokpok   Sun Dec 18, 2011 7:13 pm

Face: 9
Body: 9
Sex: 6

Met this girl through Maria, though I got a bit ripped off since Maria got a share of the fee, anyway, been looking to fuck this girl for a time now, liked her pictures, seems cheap and fuckable, my kind of slut. She was a bit young though, she couldn't wait to get it on, had to tell her I had to take a shower first. Well she didn't, she was sexy though with her short shorts and big boobs, totally got naked in front of me without even thinking.

Anyway, after I took shower we kissed and then she proceeded to suck my cock like it was the last dick on earth, wild bj there, rapid sucking and face fucking, almost came. And then she wanted to proceed with the deed already, I could tell she just wanted you to cum fast, anyway, she proceeded to ride me, couldn't get enough of her voluptuous body and her tits. When she was all sweaty we changed positions with me on top. More fucking, and fucking, then doggie, then missionary again. Loved being on top her, but it was pretty much all business. When I came that was pretty much it, your typical pokpok experience wherein she wanted to leave already for some other engagement.

Ok, got this pokpok over with, next!
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Akirah the pokpok
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