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 Faith - Pretty face

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PostSubject: Faith - Pretty face   Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:47 pm


Face: 10
Body: 9
Performance: 6

Wow, she looks just like her picture, even prettier in fact, however she seemed a bit immature. She wanted to fuck in just some cheap apartelle, however I insisted we do it in a motel. Nice body, nice face, but she's just gonna lie down there while you fuck her brains out. After a while she said she couldn't take it anymore, she didn't even know what KY Jelly was, she kept telling me to hurry up, well it was late I guess and they were probably looking for her at home, so get her earlier so she won't hurry you.

Ok so more fucking, loved looking at her face while went in her fresh pussy and slim body. After I came, that was it, kinda regretted I took her to motel and maybe we could've done it in a cheaper place, she was more of wham bang thank you ma'am type, just fuck me and get it over with.

Nice face though, so if you haven't fucked anyone beautiful in your life get her.
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Faith - Pretty face
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