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 Camille - Hmm...

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PostSubject: Camille - Hmm...   Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:18 pm


Face: 4
Body: 4
Performance: 3

I saw this girl from one of the sites, claims to be Fine Dining, but really, this is untruth in advertising, I wouldn't have paid shit for this girl, heck, she should've been the one to pay me. Plus those FRs really got me, I don't know if they are fake FRs or what, so take FRs from other sites with a grain of salt.

Heck, I was still a newbie and scared, it was the first time I met up in the room itself, I felt I had no choice, argh, had to go through with it, and she charged Fine Dining rates, what a fool I was.

Long curly hair which smelled like chemicals from the parlor, during the whole deed she covered her face with it because she looked like a gay horse. Anyway, I don't want to remember so this is just an FR to serve as a warning to those who don't like gay horses.
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Camille - Hmm...
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