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 Nancy - The Pro

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PostSubject: Nancy - The Pro   Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:30 am


Face: 6
Body: 7
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After searching the boards for a while and after making tons of inquiries, I found this one with a picture to boot. I sure was missing that first experience that blew my mind so I decided to get in touch with this one.

We met up pretty late, she was late, I was late, it was 1 am already, oh what the heck let's get this over with. Not as pretty as I expected, pretty far from the pics posted on the site (although Felicity has posted her real pic here). Got to talk to her a bit about the business, how to keep safe, and her handler and all. Turned on the porn channel and kept the room dark. Nice BJ, knows how to suck dick, no kissing though, she said she just broke up with her boyfriend. Girl on top, missionary, then doggy, then a bit of break, we were both sweating from all that back forth pumping. We decided to try the jacuzzi, it was pathetic though as the water wasn't really getting that hot, after she put on some K-Y Jelly on my pussy and my dick, I proceeded to fuck her doggie while standing knee deep in the jacuzzi. Ah, this is the life, just fucking some whore in some hotel room while knee deep in a jacuzzi. Was mashing her breasts the whole time while fucking her, something I wanted to do to our former housemaid who had big breasts. Then after a while we got on the bed and I fucked her sideways while I was watching porn. She was saying the same thing that she already came several times when I still hadn't had mine. Then after more of this sideways stuff I finally blew my load, whew.

4 am again, had to go home, learned a lot from this girl like always bring some K-Y Jelly and learn to take care of yourself.
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Nancy - The Pro
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